Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones.  It is the main raw material of the hormones produced in your body.  Or put another way, you cannot enjoy hormonal health without adequate cholesterol.  The proof of this statement is as easy as looking at the condition of most people in the United States right now.

Tens of millions of U.S. men and women are being starved for fatty nutrition and cholesterol due to low-fat diets and statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs.  And tens of millions of men and women are lined up for hormone replacement therapy, testosterone shots, and Viagra.  It’s all part of a big swap- lowered cholesterol for increased hormone havoc.  Your cholesterol is lowered, but your hormones dry up.

Today men eat and are exposed to all kinds of estrogen’s in the environment- from soy “health foods” and even soy male cosmetics, to plastic containers. fast and processed foods, and more.  This exposure is causing lowered testosterone level in American men.  And when you add statin drugs, low-fat diets, and the willingness to lower cholesterol at all costs, you reap exactly what you sow.  And that is millions of men suffering from depression, impotence, erectile dysfunction, exhaustion, and more.


Cholesterol-phobia, the unwarranted fear of cholesterol, has caused both doctor and patient hysteria in this country.  Whereas a 300 total cholesterol count was considered normal just a decade ago, a massive PR campaign by drug makers to sell statins has ratcheted that number down to 150.  And it can be even lower for some doctors who truly have cholesterol-phobia.

What caused a normal level of 300 to become wildly high today is nothing more than a sales ploy.  Let’s face it, most doctors have your best interest at heart.  And while looking out for your welfare, they have bought into this pharmaceutical play- lock, stock, and barrel.  They believe it is to preserve your heart, even though carefully examined scientific studies show that cholesterol has little, if anything, to do with heart disease.


After all, millions of people with very low cholesterol die from heart attacks.  And millions more with lifetime cholesterol levels ranging to 400 enjoy long, healthy lives without heart disease.  And as for heart health, an omega 3 supplement, such as high-vitamin cod liver oil, provides more protection than stains without any of the risk.  And as it provides for heart health, it actually enhances hormone production at the same time- what a concept!  All without those nasty statin effects that most doctors fail to mention.

When you need a drug, it can be critical and life saving.  But what has transpired with pharmaceuticals in the last 20 years is shameful.  Drug companies have truly cashed in (in a way they could never have dreamed) with statin drugs.  And like icing on the cake, they have also cashed in on hormone drugs- the need for which is often induced by a low cholesterol level.

In too many cases, we have simply swapped a lower cholesterol number for poor hormonal health.  If this is your situation, and you feel simply lousy, don’t fall for all this.  Tell your doctor that you want to quit statins for a while to see how you feel.  In the meantime, take a tablespoon of cod liver oil daily.  And we have finally acquired a truly natural cod liver oil that we will combine with a butter oil supplement.

Butter oil contains two nutritional factors:  Activator X and The Wulzen (anti-stiffness) Factor.  Combined with cod liver oil and a few specific supplements, it can finally help end the pain of arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint problems.  Our testing on these two new products is finished, and they are now available to you.

And remember, cholesterol-phobia-induced hormonal havoc doesn’t only mean menopause problems and impotence.  Hormones play major roles in diabetes; osteoporosis; cystic ovaries and breasts,heart disease, brain function, dementia and Alzheimer’s; and much, much more.  So the swap is not just getting a lower cholesterol level for unbalanced hormones.  it can be very, very serious- even deadly.


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