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About Us

I opened this great practice in 2006, and have been blessed to help people change their lives ever since.

I am a Pennsylvania native and played football growing up. I was honored to play football for the University of

Miami in 1994-1995, followed by a transfer to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Football really took a toll on my body over time. I believed all of the misnomers surrounding chiropractic and just assumed that my pains were something I had to live with. Prior to my first adjustment I was convinced chiropractic was a joke, mostly because no one had really explained it to me. While attending UNL, I was adjusted for the first time. I was very reluctant to try any adjustment at all because of what I had heard. Almost immediately, I felt relief! It was that moment that I knew chiropractic was much more than what I was ever told.

I began my chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001 and continued to learn more about what chiropractic had to offer. Today, my main philosophy is simple. God designed our incredible bodies to heal themselves naturally. My job is to help your body heal naturally through adjustments, which diminishes nerve interference.

Come on in to Complete Health Chiropractic, Experience Life, Not Pain!

I look forward to having you join our chiropractic family!
– Dr. Jason McCullough