Preventing Stiff Neck And Back In The Mornings

Preventing Stiffness Of Neck And Back In The Mornings

Are you waking up each day with stiffness of neck and back? It is definitely an unpleasant experience wrecking your day from the onset.

Thing is, there are numerous reasons why you may be stiff. Your pillow may have been too firm, too high, or too low. A cold wind may have caressed your neck upon waking up. You could have fallen asleep while watching TV and your head tilted to one side. Maybe you were using the laptop or iPad too long. And perhaps, it could have been from an accident, such as whiplash or a fall.Preventing Stiff Neck And Back In The Mornings

According to certain studies, chiropractic, the art of manipulation of the spine to alleviate problems, and rehabilitative exercises are effective in treating stiffness. Generally, the aim is to increase the flexibility and strength of your neck and back muscles. Because aside from stiffness of neck and back, weak neck muscles can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches, and loss of sleep. Your core muscles, the hip, the back, and the abdominal muscles, also play in on this. Non-use of these core muscles, can lead to back stiffness.

Certain simple exercises can be carried out each morning. These exercises, based on chiropractic studies, have been proven to increase flexibility and strength of your neck muscles; thereby, reducing stiffness.

If you have tightness and pain at the back of your neck, you could try cervical flexions. Tuck your chin in, and flex you head forward attempting to touch your chin and chest. Repeat this 5 times. Or you could also try cervical extensions. Bend the head backwards as far as possible. Repeat this 5 times too.

If you have stiffness of neck on the sides, perhaps after leaning your head to one side for a long time, you could try lateral flexions. Bend your head so that your left ear and left shoulder touches. Make sure not to rotate or turn your head while doing this. Hold the position for 10-15 seconds. Perform on the other side and repeat for 5 times.

If the base of your neck is the problem, you could try cervical rotations. Turn your head to one direction as far as it will go reaching for the shoulders. Make sure not to raise your shoulders. Perform on the other side and repeat for 5 times.

For stiffness on back, there are also several simple exercises that you can do. According to several prominent clinics, the pelvic tilt and the spinal twist are suggested exercises to relieve back stiffness.

To perform the pelvic tilt, lie flat on the floor with knees bent and with each exhalation, contract your abs and move your belly toward the floor. To perform the spinal twist, sit up straight on a chair, fold your arms over your chest and twist your torso to one side.

Simple exercises coupled with chiropractic are a good way to relieve daily nuances like stiffness of neck and back. The relief gives you piece of mind and a heightened sense of well being as you are no longer daunted with the pain and the inflexibility of your neck and back.