Vitamin C, Infections, Polio and Calcium – LINCOLN CHIROPRACTOR

Vitamin C, Infections, Polio and Calcium – LINCOLN CHIROPRACTOR

Vitamin C as a lot of people know is just Ascorbic acid.  Unfortunately this is all that people take but it much more than just one molecule.  It is a complex of molecules that work together to form vitamin C and accomplish the functions on Vitamin C.  Royal Lee who founded Standard Process understood it better than anyone when we look at Vitamin C.


What is vitamin C?  Vitamin C is a complex.  Every vitamin is a complex.  There are no simple, single vitamins to my knowledge.  That’s been a misapprehension created by the chemist in his ignorance.  Any more than  a hunk of brass is a watch.  A watch  is a complex structure.  It’s a unit as a watch but it’s not ma unit as a chemical.  So that our vitamin C complex, today we know, comprises number one, Ascorbic Acid which is an antioxidant; the most bulky part of the complex but not the most important.  It contains the anti-hemorrhagic factor also known as vitamin P, which is also found in lemon and orange peel but in far more potent quantities and type in buckwheat, in the green buckwheat juice.  That prevents capillary damage, prevents protein degeneration, it prevents harm from x-rays.  If you wanted to treat a patient with x-ray for cancer, it would be a very good idea to load that patient up very liberally with vitamin P or natural C complex first.  The normal tissues of the patient will be fortified possibly as much as ten to one against excess doses of x-ray.

But the most important factor of all in that C complex is an enzyme known as Tyrosinase.  It metabolizes the activity of the amino acid Tyrosine, which is a hormone precursor, and is vitally important in the fabrication of all of the adrenal hormones.  That’s why you’ll find a lot of vitamin C complex in the adrenal.  The natural source of this in food is potato juice, number one, and mushrooms number two, which you must have raw mushroom to get it.  Raw mushrooms is quite tasty by the way when it’s liquefied with other things in  a milkshake.

From:  Lectures of Dr. Royal lee, Vol. 2


There are many food ways to get vit. C complex into your diet.  There are also many nutritional ways to get vitamin C into your body that are pretty easy.  Cataplex C and Cyruta Plus are both vit. C products. to get evaluated for vita. C needs call the office at 402-488-0288