Subluxations disturb or interfere with our nerve system function


We’ve learned that the body is a self healing organism.  In the nest component, we discovered that our nervous system is what is responsible for the function and every cell, tissue and organ in our body.  In the third component of the Creating Wellness Chiropractic paradigm of health, we find that subluxations damage the ability of our nervous system to communicate properly, resulting in loss of health.

Subluxations are interferences or disturbances in our nervous stem that interrupt the normal communication pathways in our body.  There are two types of subluxations.  The first type is a structural subluxation.  When a vertebrae misaligns, the distortion can either compress (pinch) a nerve or stretch and pull the nerve.  Studies show that the weight of a dime is all the pressure it takes to decrease the function of a nerve by 60%.  Studies also reveal that a 6% stretch of the nerve decreases its function by 70%.  We learn it doesn’t take much pressure or pulling on the nerve to severely interfere with its function.  these subluxations are usually caused by physical stress or trauma.

The second type of subluxation occurs when the nervous system is interfered with by emotional stress or chemical toxins.  When the nervous system becomes overwhelmed by these factors it creates an imbalance in how our nerves perform.  When the motor nerve (the nerve controlling the muscles) is imbalanced it causes the muscle on one side of the spine to contract harder than the other, thus misaligning the vertebrae, bone.  The mislaignment further interferes with the nerve, creating a repeating neurologic pattern.  These types of subluxations can exist for years and go unnoticed.

Studies tell us that both types of subluxations can exist without pain, yet still interfere and disturb nevre function.  Do you know if you or a loved one is subluxated?

If you have a friend or family member who you would like to have their nervous sytem chekced for interfernce, let us know (402-488-0288)!  We would love to enlighten their life with the miracle of Chiropractic.