Complete Health Chiropractic has latest cold laser therapy treament for pain.

PL 5000 is first cold laser to receive approval by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain.

Complete Health Chiropractic- located at 2120 south 56th st. Lincoln NE- has been offering the revolutionary PL 5000 from Erchonia, developed for treatment of chronic pain, muscle and nerve conditions and would/burn healing.

According to Dr. Jason C. McCullough, chiropractor, owner of Complete Health Chiropractic, the PL 5000, a low-level laser, is a simple little piece of equipment that has earned numerous reports of exceptional results.

Dr. McCullough said that many hospitals, rehabilitation and chiropractic centers have positioned themselves on the cutting edge of technology by acquiring this amazing device,  and now that includes Complete Health Chiropractic.

According to Dr. McCullough, Complete Health Chiropractic has incorporated the PL 5000 into its therapy and treatment of its clients, with remarkable results.

“Our revolutionary new laser treatment is futuristic technology at its best, it is like being on the star trek enterprise”, Dr. McCullough said.

A small, hand held device weighing only 3 pounds, the PL 5000 is a marvel of miniaturized technology with the ability to program four frequencies at a time, a frequency variable of 1 mhz to 10,000 mhz, and programmable decimal point frequencies.

In addition, it’s the first laser to receive approval by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain and is the most advanced laser on the market.

Dr. McCullough said that treatment with the Pl 5000 produces many benefits, including optimized oxygenation, increase the tensile strength of newly healed tissue, reduced swelling, increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, improved cellular metabolism and repair and many more benefit from the cold laser.

If you have a physical conditions  that needs help and that will benefit from cold laser treatment and your’re ready to meet the future now,  Complete Health Chiropractic is eager to be part of your successful healing process.  We will integrate the Pl 5000, cold laser, within your individual treatment plans to maximize your recovery and wellness.

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