One of the fractions that’s been taken out of the E complex, called Vitamin E2, has the same identical effect upon the heart patient who has cramps in his heart, so called angina pains, it has the same identical effect of nitroglycerin.  And no one would ever need nitroglycerin if they hadn’t been deprived of this vitamin by the use of foods that should have been illegal and in fact are, but which the law is not being enforced.  It’s quite amazing to see how many heart patients will respond to these vitamins found in the whole wheat.  Vitamin G, of the B complex, is one that relaxes the coronary and insures us against coronary attacks.  The vitamin B group, B and G are partners and found in the yeast and and wheat germ, the vitamin B group prevents nerve damage which sets up erratic heart action, particularly fibrillation and murmurs area also due to that B deficiency because it permits the dilatation and enlargement of the heart and dislocation of the heart valves and when those valves are pulled out of position, of course, they start leaking.  Supply the vitamin B complex from wheat germ and nine out of ten, any heart murmur disappear inside of a few minutes.  It takes a few days or a week or two to come back again because it puts a tone into the muscular system and pulls that heart back.  I’ve seen the apex on a heart move three inches inside of ten minutes under the fluoroscope, after giving a couple of B complex tablets.  It’s amazing how that old heart will pull up into position and contract and stay contracted and all these murmurs disappear.  I would say, of foods that have been deficient is one of the impressive things about this whole nutritional deficiency idea.

E deficiency, one of the things that’s brought on there are these painful states in which the heart tends to go into a cramp, the angina pectoris type.  We were quite amazed to find that there was such a thing in the E complex as the counterpart to nitroglycerin.  It has the same immediate action in relieving the angina pain.  We call that fraction the E2.  It’s a phospholipid made from the liver.  It’s a fat-soluble vitamin and is normally stored in the liver and beef liver is our source for it.

(taken from Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Volume 2)

Vitamin E2 is a amazing nutrition to help with angina pain.

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