The article that I am posting is about fevers in children and what to do about those fevers.

(Taken from Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Volume 2)

I’d like to distinguish here between calcium lactate and bone calcium.  Bone calcium is Calcium Phosphate.  It cannot be converted in the body into a soluble calcium.  It can go into a colloidal form only, a finely divided colloidal form.  It’s not soluble.  And the only soluble calcium in the bloodstream is calcium citrate and calcium lactate and calcium bicarbonate.  In fact citrate and lactate are converted into bicarbonate very quickly.  It’s the bicarbonate that the heart needs when its lost that second sound.  It’s the vitamin F that raises your supply of calcium bicarbonate to the tissues.  So whenever you need calcium for preventing virus disease, that includes warts, includes polio, includes a lot of things, your main weapon there is calcium.  And I want to bring this point out also:  Any child that lacks that soluble calcium, calcium bicarbonate, is going to be susceptible to any disease that involves fever.  In fact, he’ll develop a fever from the calcium deficiency alone, in many cases.  Whenever you’ve got a youngster that’s running a temperature, and maybe it’s just a degree or two above normal and wanders up and own, whether it’s the infant or anybody else, it’s a calcium deficiency.  Its strange that these are also associated with virus diseases and bacterial diseases that cause fever. Take Undulant fever. Its takes more than calcium to cure it, you’ll have to have the trace minerals, but the Allorganic trace minerals that we put up is a specific formula originally intended for the treatment on Undulant fever.  It’s done a lot of other things.  The manganese in it is a powerful stimulant to regeneration of bone and connective tissue.  It’s the most potent thing you ever saw for the patient with back pains.  If your patient has back pains and a weak back and tendency to lumbago and all of those things, the Allorganic Trace Minerals will perform an immediate stimulation of repair, which will make him very happy.  The manganese is a weapon that will help to control these fevers along with calcium.  But in the child it’s almost always calcium deficiency, in adult you may find that the trace minerals should go along with it.  And you’ll always find these other evidences such as these low back pains in these people who are deficient in calcium and catch everything that goes along.  The youngster that’s got plenty of diffusible calcium in his body fluids is practically immune to children’s disease.  If you feed that youngster vitamin C and calcium,  I don’t care if he’s already infected with whooping cough or mumps or scarlet fever, you load him up heavily with calcium lactate and vitamin C and a little of the Allorganic Trace Minerals and you will be surprised in twenty-four hours.  You can eliminate all symptoms.  Many a time we’ve had youngsters, send them back to school after they’ve been sent home with some of these diseases, they can’t believe it.  It’s impossible.  But there’s no sign of the disease there two days later.  Don’t forget that high temperature reaction in children to calcium deficiency.  You are going to run into it constantly.  It’s most gratifying to see the results.  You can always bring it down.


I’ve often mentioned barely water as a help in that.  That’s one of the old-time remedies that when we were kids we had to depend more on those things than today because many of us grew up out in the farms and ranches where a doctor was miles away and any kind of an emergency, he couldn’t usually get there until the emergency was over with.  Barley water, in the old days, was one of the weapons that was found to take care of most everything that was wrong with a youngster.  When a baby’s teeth are erupting his body fluids become completely deficient in calcium.  Their teeth are picking up the calcium so fast that there’s nothing left and he becomes quite distressed.  A little Calcium lactate and barley water and all the symptoms melt away in a matter of a few hours or almost minutes.

Barley mater:  How do you make it?  all you do is to soak pearled barley, a cup full, in a milk bottle/quart bottle full of water in the icebox.  in the old days they use to use boiling water and  make tea but now with iceboxes we don’t have to cook it to keep it from spoiling.  You can soak it in the icebox to twenty-four hours, drain off the water, throw out your barley,  and keep the water for drinking.  A youngster with any kind of an illness whatever I’d say can have all the barley water he wants and drink nothing else.


This article will save you much worry and your child from unneeded suffering.

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