Lincoln Chiropractor – Car accidents Part 2

Lincoln Chiropractor – Car accidents


Part 2…

Injuries are not just injuries…
Car accidents
As a matter of fact, the quote from Computer Science Corporation basically says;
if the doctor does not establish “true” pain and suffering, don’t pay.
They are looking for impairments from the 5th edition of the AMA guidelines, this
directly from their website.
Here is the problem, attorneys never ask for them and doctors never provide them.
But, this is what the software needs to open up, but the medical and legal
communities are not communicating the right information.
Permanent disability ratings are used to assess the degree of damage that resulted
from the car crash. A permanent disability rating, sometimes known as a
permanent impairment rating, is an assessment of the severity of the patients
permanent impairment.

Lincoln Chiropractor – Car accidents
A permanent disability rating is important in calculating the amount of monetary
compensation an injured crash victim maybe owed to compensate them for the
permanent impairment related to their crash.
When Is Permanent Disability Determined?
Once a medical condition has reached a stationary level, at which there is no
further treatment available that will improve the condition, the doctor may assess
whether the patient has any permanent disability. This stage is commonly referred
to in many states as “maximum medical improvement.” This does not mean the
point at which the condition will never improve; it simply means the point at which
a medical condition is stationary and will not improve other than with the passage
of time.
Trauma, especially if it’s related to motor vehicles has led to varied ailments,
which remain undiagnosed or poorly diagnosed at times, and impairments are very
rarely created.
Whiplash is characterized by acceleration / deceleration; this abnormal movement
results in a variety of injuries, which include ligament trauma like that of Anterior
& Posterior longitudinal ligament, Alar ligament, facet joint trauma, disk trauma
etc. The ligaments, the muscles and the small joints form a system, which offers
stability to the entire spine. Any injury or pathology of this system is a major threat
to the stability of the spine. This condition in which the spine fails to maintain
its normal displacement pattern under physiological loads is termed as clinical

Lincoln Chiropractor – Car accidents
Clinical instability induced by trauma predisposes the spine to degenerative
pathological conditions that promote osteophyte formation, which stabilize the
joint in the future. White and Panjabi have done extensive work in this field.
They have devised criteria for the evaluation or assessment and diagnosis of a case
of clinical instability and various clinical tests have been put forth by stalwarts of
this field. Panjabi has put forth a point value system for the diagnosis of clinical

Lincoln Chiropractor – Car accidents

End of Part 2… Part 3 to follow

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