Migraine headache are absolutely no fun to have.  Trust me I know.  I grew up with and saw my mother suffer with migraine headache for years.  I would literally have to shut down my entire life to get help with them.  My mother migraine headache would put her in bed days at time.  When the migraine headaches would happen, it would be turn the lights, close the door, wet wash cloth on the forehead and taking a bunch of Advil or other drugs that would might help or not.  When the migraine headache would come on life would be miserable and all I wanted is relief, I truly did not care how I just wanted relief from it.  It became normal to take Advil by the handfuls, simply because I did not know what else to do.

Until I found chiropractic.  When I received my first chiropractic adjustment I had a migraine headache before the adjustment but after the chiropractic adjustment my it was gone.  It was amazing, the migraine headache that I was experiencing was now gone and I did not take any drugs.  To have my it gone just from one adjustment was simply a miracle to me.  I life of pain and agony from the migraine headaches was now given hope.  The minute I got off the table I told myself that I was going to chiropractic school.  I did not know how my migraine headaches got better but I was going to find out becasue for the first time in my life I had hope to fix my migraine headache without the use of drugs or surgery.

There are a lot of people that suffer with migraine headache that simply do not know about chiropractic and the benefits that they can receive from getting a chiropractic adjustment.  We have helped a lot of migraine headache suffers in our over the years.  When all hope was given up.  So migraine headache suffers I would invite you into our office to have you get checked by me to see if i can help you with your migraine headaches.

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