When my arms and hands go numb…

“Doctor my arms and hands go numb in the middle of the night and it wakes my up from my sleep and it feels horrible”  This is what a patient reported to about their arms and hands going numb.  Then they reported that it was like pins and needles and felt horrible to them.  They were scared because immediately they thought they were having a heart attack or they had cancer or something else.  This is understandable when your arms go numb.  When your arms go numb it can be a number of things, but with this patient they had a subluxation in their neck around the base of their neck.  I explained to them that when your arms and hands go numb the nerve in your neck can be interfered with from functioning properly.  The interference is called a subluxation and can cause your arms and hands to go numb.

There can be many reason for the your arms and hands going numb, but a lot of the time it can simply be a subluxation of the bones of your neck.

So make sure to get check for subluxation in your neck if your experiencing your arms and hands going numb.  It can save you time and money and a whole lot of discomfort.