Chiropractic and Life

“Going to the chiropractor regularly will improve your life” is something that i have heard people say.  What exactly do they mean by this that “Going to the chiropractor regularly will improve your life”.  Well let me tell you.  See everything in your body is control by your brain.  And your brain is the master control system of your either body it runs the show, without it running the show everything does not work well.  See the brain sends signals down the spinal cord out through the nerves to all the organs cells and tissues of the body, and the body then sends signals back to the brain telling it that it did the job the way it was supposed to.  If this happens your body functions the best that it can.  But in life we have stress and when we have stress that stress causes misalignment’s in our spine which chiropractors call a subluxation.  When you have this subluxation it interferes with the communication in the body causing the body to malfunction and if you have this malfunction for long enough the body will breakdown to a point were you will experience symptoms.  Some of those symptoms will include but not limited to lower back pain, headache, mid back pain.  But you can also have heart burn or indigestion,  constipation or diarrhea to name a few.  So as a person goes to the chiropractor, the chiropractor will adjust the spine putting the bone of the spine back into its proper place allowing the body to function correctly, and naturally the symptoms will subside over time.  So “Going to the chiropractor regularly will improve your life” because removing the subluxation will make sure that your body works correctly thus improving your life because it controls everything.