Benjamin Hardy and stepping up in life

Benjamin Hardy

I have recently started to read material written by Benjamin Hardy.  I feel that I have always struggled to organize my life so that I can be the most productive in the least amount of time.  I have search for routines that would allow me to maximize my time so that I could be a better follower of Christ, father to my children,  better friend and the best business owner that I could be.  I did not want to be someone who got to then end of their life and said I wasted my time on nothing.  I also did not want to be someone who spent to much time working that they did not have enough time to spend with their family.  Spending time with my family is my second most important thing in life to me except spending time with GOD.  So I have searched and will continue to search for people, techniques that would help me be a good steward of my time.

This is were Benjamin Hardy comes in.   His website is a wonderful resource to truly get your time together to help you maximize it and to get your thoughts together for the day.  The daily journal is wonderful.  It is a simple idea but very powerful when applied correctly.  I have started writing in a journal with Tim Ferris- 5 minute journal.  It helps you to organize your thoughts so that they are not wasted and organize your day to maximize efficiency.  Looking at other countries we can see that they are far more productive and work less than America.

At the end of our days,  we will never regret spending time with people we love like family and friends.  But we will regret spending too much time at work and not enough time with the people we care about.

I would advise anyone trying to maximize time in their life to check out Benjamin and his articles.