Thyroid Meds Not Working? Here’s the Real Issue?!

Is Your Thyroid Medication Not Working? Here’s Why!

Many people experience the frustrating situation of being diagnosed with a thyroid problem, taking medication, but still feeling awful. Hair loss, dry skin, constipation, mood swings, weight gain – these can all be signs of an imbalance. You get treated, your tests come back normal, yet you still feel unwell.

Why is this happening?

The answer is that there may be more to your issue than meets the eye. Medication can often regulate TSH levels, a key hormone involved in thyroid function. But what if something else is preventing your thyroid from working properly?

At Complete Health Chiropractic, we take a deeper look. We explore factors like inflammation and leaky gut, both of which can significantly impact how your body uses thyroid hormones.

Beyond TSH: Addressing the Root Cause

Many problems can stem from underlying autoimmune disorders. These conditions often go undiagnosed because they aren’t routinely tested for during a standard thyroid workup.

Our approach focuses on identifying and treating the root cause of your thyroid issues, not simply masking symptoms with medication. We want you to feel your best, not just have “normal” test results.

Traditional medicine may address your TSH levels, but if the underlying cause remains unaddressed, you’ll likely continue to feel unwell.

Don’t Settle for Just Okay!

If you’re taking medication and still don’t feel right, there’s a good chance there’s more going on. Don’t settle for feeling just “okay.” Call Complete Health Chiropractic today for a consultation! We can help you get back on the road to feeling truly great.

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