Headaches- costing you time and pain.

In today’s world, time is money, and pain is time. And one of the biggest nusances of pain, is the headaches we suffer with. Simple in idea, yet overwhelmingly hindering in the daily proccesses of life. But is there a solution to such an ailment, other than popping a couple of advil and holding an ice pack to the neck till the pain goes away? A long term solution?

Headache Help

In actuality, there is. Chiropractic presents a worthwhile long term solution to the problem as it addresses the cause of the pain, rather than just the pain itself. But, there are different forms this pain can take because the best way to fix a problem, is by addressing it first.

3 types of Headaches

We first address the three kinds of headaches that can plague a person.

First off, The Pituitary Type. Defined by the feeling of tight band around your head but also it’s high index level of pain, the pituiary headache is random and rarely has pattern.

The second form of headache is the Thyroid Type. Occurs the heaviest and strongest apon waking, and dwindles out throughout the day leaving little pain by the end of the night.

A final type of headache is the Ovarian Type, which is more female in direction. Due to it’s timing usually being during the periods of ovulatiopn and menstration, symptoms besides the pain can be mood swings, emotional instability, PMS and reguarly cause acne.

Using these three simple types, you can quickly discover what your ailment is and evenmore discover where your headche is coming from. But just knowing the problem simply doesn’t solve it. So you may be asking, “alright how can I solve it? Is there some outside medicine labeled ‘Thyroid headache medicine’ that will solve my headache problems?” Well there might be, but once again would most likely only address the symptoms and would instruct you to take it “every morning and night to stop the pain”. On the other hand, there is a more permnant solution than going to Walgreens every two months. Chiropractic offers a drug-free non-instrusive long-lasting well-being-focused means of solving your headaches. By adjusting the misalignments of bones with your neck and body, those pains can be solved in time and be gone forever. And here at Complete Health Chiropractic we can offer that to you, a solution that will save you time, money, and pain.