As a chiropractor I am constantly looking for ways to help my patients to achieve a better level of health and wellness.

What I have found is called the Cold Laser or Low Level Light Therapy.  It looks like a tricorder used by “Bones” and other “Starship” docs.

Our office has been trained by the best in the profession from Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Jeff Spencer and Dr. Jerome Rocha.  Dr. John has worked with Bon Jovi.  Dr. Jeff Spencer has worked with Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.  Lance Armstrong contributes his success in the Tour De France to using the cold laser in adding his recovery.

We have treated athletes, business women and men,  entertainers, comedians and local policitians.  The cold laser has been used to treat athletes who are competing in the USA Olympic  trials.  The Erchonia Cold laser has been approved for treament of chronic pain.

A laser is focused beam of light that emits photon energy.  Erchonia laser is a low level laser.  A hot laser or heat laser which are used during surgery to cut away problem tissues, the low-level laser does not generate heat and does not destroy tissue, but instead it stimulates healing.  We are able to use the laser on almost everyone.  It will help most neuro muscular issues that a person is dealing with.  Erchonia has said that it can help with healing bones, muscles and nerves.

Patients with strokes can benefit from using the cold laser because they have been compensating for the stroke and over using their muscles.  The erchonia cold laser helps up regulate the nerves and muscles to function correctly.

One of the ways we check a patient will be to find a weak muscle and then shine the laser in that area of weakness and then retest that muscle to see if it has gotten stronger.  We have found that if we can help the muscle should go strong right away.

If you would like to experience the cold laser call the office at 402-488-0288