CHIROPRACTOR Lincoln Nebraska

CHIROPRACTOR – Lincoln Nebraska

Why I should visit a chiropractor in Lincoln Nebraska?  Many people do not realize the benefits of visiting a chiropractor in Lincoln Nebraska.  Many people report relief from my problems by visiting a chiropractor.  Their headaches clear up when they visit a chiropractor.

Their neck pain can clear up or even go away when they visit a chiropractor.  We have seen a lot people in our office that have given up hope for their problem and get help in our office.

You need to realize that your body has the ability to heal itself from almost anything.  If you would get a cut on your finger does the band aid do any healing?  Obviously not.  The body did all the healing.  But how did the body do all the healing?  See the brain send signals to all the body parts telling them what to do.  The brain tells them body parts how to heal, how to function and how to adapt.  As long as this happens the body function just as it should.  But we have stress, good stress bad stress, the body just interprets it as stress.  When you have stress this stress causes you spinal bones to misalign.  When they misalign this is called a subluxation.  This causes the body to not heal as well, not to function as well or adapt as well.  This can be a major problem because you don’t always feel that your body is not functioning or healing well…..and if your body healing or functional we know that it is a bad thing.

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