The Flu can be very dangerous if you are in a weaken state.  Typically the Flu will only overcome people that their body and health are already in a weak and susceptible state and the flu just happen to be the one that took them down.

Talking and writing about the flu can be very danger because it can elicit a lot of emotions from people.  A lot of people died during the flu epidemic of 1918, right around  50,000,000 to 100,000,000 people died during the flu epidemic.


There are a couple of nutrition’s that we use in our office to keep you body strong, so that your your immune system well supplied with the proper nutrients .  They are Calcium lactate, Cataplex F  and Cataplex C.  These three nutrition’s are what we call the triad.

1.  Calcium

Usable Calcium is what i like, not unusable  calcium.  There are many forms of calcium that you can take some of them are more usable then others.  I found

The Calcium lactate provides your body with the proper usable form of calcium in the right ratio with magnesium.  Calcium and magnesium must be in the right ratio. the correct ratio for calcium to magnesium is a 5 to 1 ratio.  This ratio was establish by Principles of Biochemistry,  White-handler-Smith-Stetten, Edition 6, Mcgraw-Hill Book company, Inc. 1959, page 632.  (Back to School for Doctors, 2018)

2.  Cataplex F

Cataplex F, vitamin F transfers calcium from the blood into the tissues.  Vitamin D puts calcium into the bloodstream.  So, if you get too much D, it locks up the calcium in the blood and can’t go into the tissues and you’re in a bad way.  That’s sunstroke.  You’re out in the sun too much, you get too much D, your calcium is held into the blood supply and can’t get into the tissues.  the tissues run out.  You get weal and your perspiration is shut off ad you won’t live very long if you don’t get into the shade.  Vitamin F reverses that trend, acts as an antidote for the D by diffusing the calcium again into the… moves it along where it’s suppose to go.  That’s the function .  If you use natural cod liver oil you’ll get the two vitamins together and you’ll never know they existed.  But when you take them apart and then take synthetic D alone then you’re in trobable.  Synthetic Vitamin D has killed thousands of youngsters because it caused calcification of the kidneys and created a Vitamin F deficiency.  (Excerpt from Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Vol. 3,  Used with Permission of Selene River Press, Inc.)

3.  Cataplex C

Vitamin C- see previous article about Vitamin C, Infections, Polio and Calcium – LINCOLN CHIROPRACTOR

These three are considered the triad of the immune system.  Now people will react in different ways to the different nutrition.  Sometimes you may want substitute things.  For example putting Cataplex ACP for Cataplex C or even Cyruta plus which is a great resource for Vitamin C.


To get you Triad of Nutrition make sure to come by the office, we are located at 2120 south 56th st. Ste. 101 Lincoln NE 68506.  You can also reach us at 402-488-0288.